After the melee in Sacramento last week in which the Honkey Pride/defend the Donald float was overturned by hundreds of enthusiastic Anti-Fascists, I thought about logging my opinion, but it seems many others have already articulated something like it (because it’s obvious, I assume): The logic of the pre-emptive strike makes no more sense when you’re stabbing a neo-nazi or a “radical leftist” than it does when you’re invading Iraq. There’s a reason why the Iraq war was illegal by the standards of international law, and there’s a reason why people who stab other people because they’re offended by that person’s stated ideology  will probably wind up in court and possibly in jail.

Mostly what I want to say though is hey, traditionalist worker/golden state skinhead fuckfaces: for a modest fee on a sliding scale beginning at 10 thousand U.S dollars, I, an Aryan Goddess, will be happy to punch you in the face until you feel better. But only after you put your Joe Goebbels on some documents for me.




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